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"There is truth, and there are lies, and art always tells the truth. Even when it’s lying." Being John Malkovich (1999) 

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am I sick from anxiety or am I actually physically ill? a memoir by me

am i lazy or horribly depressed: the sequel

does everyone hate me or am I just very insecure: the completion of the trilogy


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houston i have so many problems

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Jiminy cricket, he flew the coop!

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do you ever just listen to someone’s problem and you have nothing to say except “I’m sorry” because there is literally no way for you to help and you get sucked into a vortex of guilt and despair because you are useless 

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On the other hand, my nose flaring abilities are pretty good

For some reason I thought about this a lot as a kid

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premiere of ‘Birdman’ 2014 Venice Film Festival

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Ilustrations by the incredible Carol Rossetti check her out and follow her here! http://carolrossettidesign.tumblr.com/

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